For many of us, recycling is something a little abstract: you rarely see the result of the efforts being done to recycle materials.
With the process of recovery of the production waste that we have put in place for more than a year, we can provide a concrete example of recycling PSE (expanded polystyrene).

The PSE has been used to make boards for a long time now. NOTOX chose the PSE for the greenOne® construction because of its excellent mechanical qualities and outstanding recyclability rate: 100%!

To shape a standard PSE foam, you need a block of 3.5 kg (180cm x 60cm x 13cm: to get a “shaped blank” of 1 kg and generate 2.5 kg of falling PSE (per board). in addition, the PSE is particularly voluminous (25 kg/m3), and the storage of these wastes quickly becomes overwhelming!

In 2010, NOTOX collected 600kg of falling PSE representing a volume of about 25m3.

To make the best of these waste, NOTOX and Bil Ta Garbi (local union specialized in waste management) have set up a voluntary collection action. The PSE collected is given for free to the company KNAUF (labelizedUni’vert PSE) that is used as a raw material at its factory in Casteljaloux (47).