NOTOX decided to be involved in the national project aiming at displaying the environmental characteristics of products (a label on the product), organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development :

December, 2010 : NOTOX answers the call for applications launched by the ministry, joining the collective action organized by the Chamber of Comercre Of landes and EuroSIMA. Since, we conducted the study on our flagship product: the surfboard construction greenOne® size 7’0″ (medium size of greenOne® surfboard manufactured in our workshops : from 5’0″ to 9’0″).

Significant work has been done to analyze the life cycle of our boards. The “use” of the board was not applied as too dependent on the behavior of the surfer (competitor plying the spots on the planet, local surfer practicing every day, occasional surfer favoring the summer …). All the data needed to define the impact of the products were collected and verified by the experts QUANTIS (Specialized consulting company). The method used to display the results, was supervised by the consulting firm HOP3.

This label also has an educational purpose …

Here comes the visual (label) that will be shown on all greenOne® surfboard coming out of our workshops. The label also has an educational purpose. On the sidelines of ongoing efforts, NOTOX is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of its business and products, the label gives the “committed” surfers some keys to compensate, by themselves, the environmental impact of their greenOne® surfboard . For example:

  • make 20 trips of 10 km by bike (instead of taking the car): This also saves an average of 14.5 liters of gasoline (and so oil).
  • reducing shower time of around 1 min. during 6 days
  • remain 43,4 liters – 14,5 l or around 30 l of oil to compensate. This means saving 360 kWh: what you will easily do by replacing a conventional incandescent 60 watt light for a 15 watts Low Consumption light along for its life duration(source ADEME).