When you step out of small wave conditions, you’ll want a board that will react, turn and drive like your shortboard without suffering big board “drama”.Length, thickness flow, rail height, rocker values, width, volumetric displacement, hydrodynamic fin foils, lift to drag coefficient, fluid cohesion, reduced wetted surface, repositioned center of gravity… What it all boils down to is control.

Having complete confidence to draw lines smooth and flowy or snappy and loose without ever missing a beat is what makes a board magic. Large or small, the Semi-Gun is the coveted board in every serious surfers quiver.

The tri fin semi-gun is a balanced template with the wide point exact center. It has generous outline curve while still utilizing a moderately pulled tail. The quad semi-gun has the wide point back 1″ behind center. Characteristic of the Fletcher Four-fin outline, it has straighter rails from the mid-section into a narrower tail block to retain speed and offer maximum drive through fast and steep sections.

A relatively low entry rocker into a continuous curve with increased tail rocker gives the board easier paddling, control and mobility.

Relatively thin rails while thickness under your chest stays prominent. Rail height on “step-up’s” in your quiver is set according to your preferred shortboard dimensions. Rails are round and soft with a hard edge behind the fins.

Stretch’s semi-guns feature “reverse vee”. Panel vee in the nose transitions to flat into the tail with a very slight concave in front of the fins.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 6’6” to 7’10”

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