The Stretch Monster Gun is designed for advanced surfing in very large and powerful waves. With many design features taken from the Fletcher Monster Gun, this model serves as counterpart for those days when steep, bowly drops and calculated movements are the name of the game.

The Stretch gun has the wide point exact center with a slightly narrower nose and a fuller tail than the Fletcher Gun.

Similar to the Fletcher gun, but with a slightly lower entry and a more continuous rocker.

Relatively thin in conjunction with Stretch’s “Aztec Pyramid” deck profile. Thickness under your chest stays prominent with a flat deck out from the stringer before doming over. Rails retain thickness up into the nose and foil out to an ultra thin and sensitive tail.

Reverse vee to flat with rolled vee out the tail.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 8’10” to 10’2″

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