The TOW is THE flagship model of the famous Californian shaper Wiliam Riedel “STRETCH”. A design without concession. Tight end and with a large single concave. His program is very high performance oriented!

Its pronounced rocker is useful for passing the larger sections and gives the board a high reactivity, allowing very tight curves. Strapless, the lightness of the TOW keeps it literally stuck to the feet during jumps (not stall at the zenith).

Key features:

  • Fins: Quad or 5x
  • Construction: micro-sandwich linen/cork, vacuum lamination (bio-sourced epoxy resin), recycled EPS core.


  • inserts straps reinforced with steel thread A3
  • cork pad on the deck for a better sense of grip, even barefoot

Available sizes :

  • 5’8″ x 18″ x 2″1/8 (22,3 liters)
  • 5’10” x 18″1/4 x 2″1/4 (25,5 liters)

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