Planted heavily in the design of the Fletcher Four-fin, the 2×4 has been influenced by updates to the sword and the Mr. Buzz model. It has a huge range of surfing potential in average to unreal wave conditions and has been serving as Nathan’s step up board and all around shortboard when not lofting ollies on Mr. Buzz.

The 2 x 4 features similar characteristics to what you would find in the daily driver aspects of the Fletcher Four-fin but also features double barrel concaves in the tail that allow it to make quicker rail to rail transitions.

Balanced template with tail width nearly identical to the FF. some variations include mini pug-like noses to give the board easier paddling in heavier wave conditions.

Daily driver “B rocker” profile.

Round 50/50 rails with tucked edge running rearward into hard edge. The 2 x 4 has a flatter deck which carries a bit more volume out to the rails.

Bottom Contours
Single to double concave.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’0 to 7’0″

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