Designed as an all around board with small wave performance capabilities, the lil buddy can hang in there when the surf is pumping yet still go vert and carve like the sword when the waves are less than ideal.If you’re into contest surfing then you know that the waves aren’t guaranteed to be stellar when you pull on that singlet. Even if you don’t find contests are your thing then you’ll appreciate how the fuller tail, double concave bottom and spherical rocker all add up to getting more responsiveness and speed to give you that added umph that you need when milking one through.

Balanced and proven template of the S2 offers predictability and control. The fuller tail block width allows you to carry speed over flat sections and drive hard off the tail in weaker waves.

B profile centerline rocker combined with the concaves add to a spherical/continuous rail rocker for high performance surfing which allow you to lean on rail and carve like riding our “sword” model and turn it vertical with ease.

Medium 50/50 rails retain moderate foil without being too raced out and twitchy at slower speeds.

Single to double concave allows for destabilization and lift in the tail for responsive rail to rail transitions and straightens the centerline for more speed and quicker attacks off the rear end.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’0 to 7’2″

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