The greenOne® Technology provides the high quality of this shapes with true and abvious benefits in terms of pure performance and ethics:

  • Longer surf sessions (buoyancy)
  • More waves taken (easier take-off due to board lightness)
  • More performance (increased speed due to specific uni-directional flax fibers, providing a very fast and impressive flex/force-feedback/acceleration)
  • Hold the wave longer (damping effect due to intrinsec natural behaviour of the flax fiber)
  • Truly eco-friendly, defending a real ethical approach of surfboard manufacturing, more in accordance to what surfers expect.

Mr. Buzz is the closest thing to a skateboard on water. Nathan is always looking for more of a skatey feel. His latest step towards progressive surfing may look stubby and fishy but it features a host of performance traits that are user friendly.

A very accelerated tail rocker allows the wide tail to turn quickly and more vertical. The generous outline and single concave straightens the centerline for down the line squirt and low speed stability while the deep double concaves will destabilize the tail for quick flicks and easier rail to rail transitions.

Generous nose width that won’t dig and tail width with straighter outline and a huge but not fishy tailblock.

Daily driver “B rocker” profile that accelerates into “C rocker” out the tail.

Medium to low profile 50/50 rails transition to hard edge in rear ½ of board.

Bottom Contours
Single concave straightens the centerline rocker and transitions to ¼” deep double concaves through the fins for lift, easy rail-to-rail transitions and neutralized weight positioning over the center of the board.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’0 to 7’2″

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