The S-10 is a high performance, all around destroyer. When surfing is all you can think about, the one tri-fin to have on hand to make it all happen is the S-10.Calculated, almost robotic, open face cutbacks and precision, lightning fast snaps are where this board comes alive.

This is the travel board, contest board and daily driver for Nat Young. Recommended for neutral to back footed surfers, fast vertical surfing and any wave where you can throw the tail.

Wide point on the S-10 is pushed back behind center to narrow the nose slightly and add curve to the rear of the board.

Stretch’s magic continuous rocker shifted slightly towards the rear. This provides a lower entry for easier paddling and additional tail rocker for increased maneuverability and control under your back foot.

Slightly thin to medium 50/50 rails leave the thickness in the deck while giving the board sensitivity and responsiveness when put on rail. The slightly adjusted centerline rocker also produces an almost perfectly consistent rail rocker. The tail features hard edges behind the front fins and a thinner foil similar to the S2.

Slight vee in the nose to a 5/16″ deep single concave between your feet. Slight vee out the tail.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’7” à 6’5″

Send your request for information/order.