Long considered to be one of the most versatile tri fins in the Stretch board line, the S2 model has provided the basis for the desired “all-around” board.

Designed to balance progressive surfing with confidence and control, the S2 tugs the performance small wave characteristics of the RatSkate towards the dynamics of the S-10.It is user friendly, predictable and never lets you down. Recommended for neutral footed to back footed, vagabond surfers.

The S2 has the wide point exact center. This is a balanced template with a semi-full nose and semi-full tail. The subtle bump wing at 15″ from the tail brings in the outline to a slightly narrower tail block than the S-10.

Continuous rocker broadens the “sweet spot”, increases turning ability and adds a “predictable” feel under your feet.

Stretch’s standard 50/50 rail with a thickness between the Ratskate and S-10. Like all of the performance models, it is shaped with the same amount of curve throughout, from top to bottom. Independent from the bottom of the board, it is a section of a sphere that is designed to hold the wave face no matter where you lean the board. The hard edge behind the front fins give a crisp release.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’9 à 6’8″

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