Probably touted as the most used and popular daily driver shortboard for average to rippable waves, the Skate is the go-to board when you’re getting amped to fantasize about being a pro but the waves just don’t allow.

Tried and true single concave, balanced template and continuous rocker give the Skate the exceptional usability, control and predictability of any performance board in the Stretch model line.Designed to give you the most stoke when possible, the plan shape is derived from the extremely versatile Fletcher Four-Fin and the “go-to” reliability of the S2.

The Skate features a balanced outline with the wide point exact center. Semi-full nose is wider than an S2 or lil buddy and very similar to the Thing or Fletcher Four-fin. It features a slight bump wing in the tail allowing it to stay free and easy to re-direct in less than powerful waves. Optional outline variations can also include a slight pug nose for a fuller outline up front to ease paddling in weaker waves.

Utilizes “A series” rocker with a deep (over 1/4”) single concave to straighten out the centerline rocker. Overall rocker value is ¼” less than the Fletcher Four-fin.

Deepening the concave also serves to flatten the deck profile under the front foot and allows for a fuller rail profile. The slight increase in foam distribution out to the rails in the mid section aids to engage turns at lower speeds or with more drive off the front end without sinking or bleeding speed.

From the mid-section back, the rails still remain relatively foiled with a 50/50 profile which transitions to a tucked edge towards the rear and into a hard edge into the fins.

A deeper single concave (1/4”) between your feet gives stability and lift then eases into slight vee for a smoother release off the tail.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes 

  • 5’0 to 6’5″

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