The newest addition to the Stretch board line is an elaborately simple assassin. It’s the kind of board that feeds off progression and supports you in positions above and beyond all those surf fantasies you’ve conjured up in your head. In the right hands, it’s an unmistakable instrument playing a crisp note. If the Fletcher Four-fin is a trumpet and the S-10 is a flute, then the Sword is surely your violin.

The Sword is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers. It is designed for fast beach breaks and reefs and also serves as an excellent step-up board for racey walls and quick, ledgy slabs. Order this board 1/16″ thinner than your normal EPS/Epoxy Stretch tri-fin.

The Sword has the wide point exact center. The template is an even curve, akin to an arc drawn with a compass. The Sword’s extremely consistent outline blends nose characteristics similar to the S2 towards a much narrower tail. The result is an extremely predictable board allowing you to hack top to bottom with intense speed.

A key element to the Sword is the extremely consistent and continuous rocker from nose to tail. Unique to every other model in the Stretch board line, the Sword’s amplified rocker provides stability in extremely critical positions. A predictable feel and a broad “sweet spot”, increases turning ability and quick snaps under the lip.

The Sword features a proportionately fuller rail in the mid section and supports a thinner tail. Combining Stretch’s round, spherical rails in a fuller mid section and nose allows for more forgiveness and “follow through”. A stable landing pad under your front foot, the repositioned volume combined with the thinner tail means you’ll be digging your rails less often and coming away clean.

Slight vee in the nose feeds into the deepest single concave Stretch has ever offered. A relatively straighter center-line rocker combined with the increased rail rocker maximizes planing efficiency and maneuverability while providing the quickest turning board possible. The Sword’s bottom is accentuated with a light vee out the tail.

Available in Stretch’s exclusive EPS TECH, greenOne® or polyester.

Recommended sizes

  • 5’8 to 7’6″

Send your request for information/order.