The founders


Pierre Pomiers

IT engineer as well as PhD in robotics. After 10 years spent managing R&D projects for one of the European leaders in the scope of mobile industrial robotics, Pierre founded Green Wave Sas, also known as Notox company by consumers.

Beside solid knowledge, what is near and dear to Pierre’s heart is to imagine alternative solutions that respect both shapers health and environment. His global vision leads to transcending boards performances, considering ethical concerns more than a way of progress rather than business constraints.



Benoit Rameix

Formally, Benoît is an electro-technician; but above all, Benoît has always been fascinated by surfboards and the art of shaping.

Since he was 15 years old, he spent all his free time learning from scratch how to shape good and beautiful surfboards. He tested all his boards from Hossegor barrels down to Lafitenia reef power waves. His love for perfection and new composites technologies made him become a respected shaper.

As an anecdote, he is the guy who managed to invite at Notox factory the great William Riedel Stretch.



The team


Laurent Dabat

His only dream was to build surfboards and he did it. With nearly 25 years of experiments, Laurent is our surfboard guru: he worked for the most reknown surf brands and shapers. His knowledge of handcrafting techniques is nearly endless. Some consider him as the best French glasser ever, and we fully agree.



Lucas Levezac

Lucas has been involved in surf industry for a long time now. He is also one of the most respected surfer in the South West of France. His main strength is to be efficient both at selling custom surfboards, and surfing huge waves, but only paddling: he will never use any jet-ski assistance until fully electric models will be available !